Psike Istanbul

Psike Istanbul was founded in Istanbul in 2003 with the aim of promoting, disseminating and developing psychoanalysis in Turkey as a theory that explains the psychic mechanism; a method that investigates psychic processes; a treatment based on this method; and a tradition that passes this knowledge from generation to generation.

Psike Istanbul is a component society of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA). It is a member of international psychoanalytic organizations such as EPF, COWAP, IPSO. The members of the Psike Istanbul Association are psychoanalysts, and psychoanalytic candidates who serve to maintain, develop and disseminate the science of psychoanalysis and all its practices. The publications of the Association offer the history of psychoanalysis and current developments in the world and in our country to the psychoanalytic readers in Turkish language. The constantly improving Glossary of Psychoanalytic Terms on our web page functions to provide Turkish equivalents for the concepts of psychoanalysis in IPA languages.

Since its foundation, our association has been training new psychoanalysts to achieve its goals; organizing symposiums, seminars, workshops, introductory seminars to psychoanalysis; its members continue to think about art, literature, cinema, education and social events together with psychoanalysts from all over the world and experts from different disciplines, prioritizing ethical principles.